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Partner Visas – New Sponsorship Framework

New sponsorship framework for sponsored family visas – PARTNER VISAS

The Federal Parliament passed the Migration Amendments (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016 with Government’s amendments and it was subsequently passed by the lower house the same day on 28th November 2018, paving the way for a new sponsorship framework for sponsored family visas. This law will commence sometime in 2019.

The new sponsorship framework creates a two-step application process that involves an assessment of the sponsors, and once approved then only a visa application can be lodged.

This arrangement is primarily aimed at safeguarding vulnerable family members, particularly children and married partners from their violent sponsors.

This two-stage process will mean more waiting time for applicants waiting for their partner visas.

The new legislation also means additional scrutiny of the sponsoring partner as the Bill also provides for sharing of personal information between a range of parties associated with the family visa program.

The sponsorship framework will be applied initially to family sponsors under the new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa arrangement to be introduced in early 2019.

The intention is for this to be progressively expanded to other Family visas, such as the Partner visa, subject to required legislative and systems changes.

John Young – 08 February, 2019