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Old Australian Citizenship Laws Still Apply

Australian citizenship Laws did not go through the SENATE. Therefore, the old laws still apply

The Federal Government has been trying to pass some changes to the Australian Citizenship law through the parliament that would make Australian permanent residents wait four years and pass an English language test before they can apply for citizenship. These changes were retrospectively applied after the announcement in April 2017.

However, these changes are opposed by opposition Labor, the Greens and some crossbench senators, making it difficult for the government to pass the legislation through the Senate. The law, when first time brought in Senate, was struck off the notice paper after the Greens moved against it.

The Immigration Department revoked the changes and started processing applications according to the current law and said it intended to pass the proposed changes by July 2018. However, the reworked legislation wasn't brought before parliament and in August 2018, the Government listed it among the legislation intended for discussion and passage during the Spring sitting of parliament. However, it was never brought for discussion.

In order to pass the changes through the Senate, the Government would need the support of crossbench senators some of whom have expressed strong opposition to some key elements of the law.  Read more about the proposed changes in Australian citizenship law.

John Young – 05 February, 2019