Success Stories


Go to and type in the phrase “John Young”. Then scroll down and click on “Commonwealth; Immigration Review Tribunal decisions”. You will then see the types of cases John has represented and the complexities of those cases in appeal over many years.

Such cases as:

APPLICANT: Olga BONDARENKOMOUDRIK IRT REFERENCE: V97/01422 #NUMBER 11045; [1997] IRTA 11045 (31 December 1997)

APPLICANT: Vera VASILIEV PRINCIPAL: Vitaly FEDOTOV IRT REFERENCE: V94/01671 #NUMBER 4958; [1995] IRTA 4958 (28 February 1995)

APPLICANT: Derek Joseph FOOTMAN PRINCIPAL: Delphine Beatrice D’SOUZA IRT REFERENCE: V94/01753 #NUMBER 12304; [1998] IRTA 12304 (22 July 1998)

REVIEW APPLICANT: Elizabeth REBELLO VISA APPLICANTS: George Allan FRANCIS IRT REFERENCE: V95/01091 #NUMBER 11360; [1998] IRTA 11360 (26 February 1998)