Australian Migration


Registered Australian Migration Agent

The Immigration Department in Australia (DIAC) makes changes and fine-tunes the regulations at least three times a year to keep up with the demand for overseas workers, family members who want to join their Australian extended family or the demand for migration. At the moment there is a trend towards encouraging more graduates from Australian colleges and trade schools to remain in Australia. These young people are skilled to Australian standards of excellence – why not encourage them to join our workforce and use the benefits of their education to the advantage of this country? More points are being awarded in this area.

As a Migration Agent, I have advance information about coming changes to the immigration laws which would not be easily found by an average visa applicant. There are often known trouble spots in the present system. We will keep you up-to-date and warn you about coming price rises or other changes.


The case of Troy Parker.
The Australian Department of Immigration has accepted that there is some risk that our client may have been unlawfully detained in immigration detention. Immigration has now referred the matter to the Government insurers to appoint an external provider to assess the risk and the compensation payable.

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